Senior Capstone Experience

The Washington College English Department’s Senior Capstone Experience is the culmination of four years developing writing, interpretive and research skills. My thesis was written in conjunction with my role as dramaturg for King Lear. I used the 50-page requirement as an opportunity to contextualize the play in a more detailed, analytical manner. My three chapters investigate the three main areas of research required for the dramaturgy SCE with the Drama Department: the world of the play, performance history and our production.  My thesis, entitled “’When we are born, we cry that we are come to this great stage of fools’: A dramaturgical study of King Lear, from its 1608 performance before King James I to its 2013 Washington College production,” consists of three chapters. These explore the world of the play, the play’s stage history, and our own production.

  • Introduction: “Why is this reasoned?”
  • Chapter One: “‘What is the cause of thunder?’ Natural Law and absolutism in King Lear and the politics of King James I
  • Chapter Two: “’This is not the worst, so long as we can say ‘This is the worst’: Themes of redemption and power in 21st century productions of King Lear”
  • Chapter Three: “’They have done their mischief’: Washington College’s production of King Lear”
  • Conclusion: “The wheel has come full circle”

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