Creative Projects

  • A visual project by Sarah Roy using rehearsal photos:


  • King Dolan, by Sean Syme:


  • Our Fair Kingdom, by Maegan Clearwood:


  • The Muppets Present Lear, Act I Scene IV, by Elise Musciano.
  • King Lear: The Video Game, by Chris Cronin

  • “King,” a cop show adaptation of the play by Alex Sparco:  

“Based on the love that most television viewers have for shows like NCIS and CSI, King is a cop drama that centers on Leonard King, the police chief for a fictional U.S. metropolis. […] King has served his city without issue, but now it is about time for him to consider retirement. The Mayor has allowed him to pick a successor, and King’s top choices are his daughters – all of them fellow law enforcement. His eldest daughter Gina (Goneril) and his middle child Regan are Captains who run the Organized Crime Division, and his youngest daughter Cordelia is a Sergeant who is a senior officer within an Anti-Crime Squad. Gina and Regan will do anything it takes to gain the position, while Cordelia would prefer to rise through the ranks via hard honest work. Meanwhile, a trusted ally of King’s – Deputy Chief of the Internal Affairs Division Benny Gloucester – is also nearing retirement. One of Gloucester’s underlings, the corrupt Lieutenant John Edmund sees this as the perfect time to begin to discredit the honest Captain Edgar Lewis – his partner, senior officer, and the rumored successor should Gloucester actually retire. Edmund then proceeds to subtly sabotage Edgar’s reputation while growing closer to King’s daughters Gina and Regan as they use him to further their own plots.”


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