Our preparation stands/ In expectation of them

As much as I regret not finding time to post an update until just now, there’s something deliciously satisfying about returning to my blog after the madness of tech week to finally announce that THIS IS IT.

We’re here. Tonight is the first of four performances, and from the sounds of our house manager, we can expect some pretty full houses. Programs are printed, my lobby display is finished, the blood has been mixed, eyeballs are chilling in the refrigerator, reservations are flooding in, notes have been given…and we’re ready for that red curtain to rise.

We had a few rocky dress rehearsals, which was to be expected. We had a lot to sync up during tech week — costumes and quick changes, lighting and sound cues (especially that pesky storm), music, entrances and exits, fight calls — but last night, it clicked. Suddenly, characters were clearer and bigger than ever. Actors displayed a true confidence in their dialogue, and for the first time conveyed how well they understood their characters and their lines. They made bold, spontaneous, often ingenious choices in inflection and gesture, and when the curtain went down for intermission, my director and I were dying to see what happened next — and we’ve read the play innumerable times.

This was a last-minute kind of week for me as well. My lobby display posters were printed last week, and after locating display easels and putting on some finishing touches, they’re officially ready for show. The program was passed from one person to another to another, but we finally have a hefty box of them sitting in the lobby for this evening. I’ve spent rehearsal time observing the same scenes over and over again, searching for ways to convey meaning to the audience more clearly and jotting down questions for Jason and the actors to think about as they try to avoid that tech rehearsal rut.

Last night, my notes were about as lengthy as usual, but the majority of them started with “Great job….” or “I LOVE.” I’m pretty sure the actors are sick and tired of hearing my overzealous laughter at each of the Fool’s gags, so…

All we need to now is an audience.

Still need some convincing? Check out photos from last night:

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