Wine loved I deeply

This glass of wine may be the only thing keeping me alive at this point, but it’s totally worth it (I decided to wait on my first English drink and enjoy it when I’m a bit more well-rested. Wine is a necessity right now). Some things I learned about London in 24 short hours:

– These people are obsessed with elevators. Just when I thought I saw a light at the end of one of these claustrophobic tube tunnels, another line of neverending stairs always managed to block my path. It does make the final breath of fresh air all that more refreshing, though.

– was grossly exagerating when it said the Globe Theatre is a short walk from its conveniently located lodgings. I had to maneuver through a labrynth of vague directional signs and sketchy back alleyways to finally stumble upon only one of the most historically significant theaters in the history of forever. My three hours there — approximately an eternity of which was spent pining over everything in its beautiful gift shop — would have made even a trek through the London-iest of London weather worth it. I plan on dedicating a lot more time to my Globe buzz later (it deserves an entire blog in and of itself), but for now, suffice to say it was more than worth the walk.

– The people here are an absolute delight. I struck up half a dozen conversations with total strangers today, and not only were they not abrasive toward me and my obvious American ignorances, they were simply charming. I half-purposefully got myself lost twice today so I could wander a bit on my own, but when the enormity of the city finally started to bog down on me, I didn’t hesitate for a moment to ask for directions. Sure enough, I made my way back to the Picadilly line safe and sound, and with great conversations to linger over to boot.

I’ve been zig-zagging from station to station since 9:30 this morning, and I can’t wait to start again tomorrow. Hopefully, my photos will actually load and you’ll have something a tad bit more fun to glaze over than my exhausted ramblings. I’ll be up bright and early for a date with the Globe Theatre, so come this time tomorrow night, I’ll be itching to post an update. For now…Cheers!

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